This document establishes the terms and conditions according to which you cand use the website The use of the website, the login and the access to its services implies acceptance of theese terms and conditions, with all the resulted consequences from this acceptance.


The allowed purpose for the use of this site is obtaining information. Any use in other purposes than this one is forbidden.

To gain access to the website, therefore to its services and information, one needs acces to World Wide Web, directly or using devices through which internet services can be accessed, paying any cost associated with this access. Plus, one must have at his disposal all the necessary equipment to realise this connection at the World Wide Web, including a computer and a modem or any other acccess equipment. is not responsible for the security of this site or the security of your connection to it. The term “user” of this site stands for any person, legal or not, who acceses the website.

2. COPYRIGHT, TRADEMARKS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY offers free access or access through registration as an user of the website and authorizes you to visualise, print and transmit existing information from the website only in personal and noncommercial purposes. and its partners own the copyright for any information on this website. No material from this website can be partially or totally reproduced or modified whithout explicit permission or agreement of and its partners.

The entire content included in this website, including but not limited to texts, graphics, images, videos, software, logos and any other materials is protected by the royalties law and is the property of and its partners.

The connection between other websites and this website is forbidden whithout previous permission from If such thing should happen whithout our approval, we will not be held responsible for any unaffiliated websites to which might be connected to, for any other material posted on that website by other people than the authorised personnel and we reserve the right to request penalties according to law for any action of this kind which does not have our previous permission. or third parties may provide through the website links to other pages or resources World Wide Web. has no warranty, is not and cannot be held responsible in any way for these pages, their form, content, advertising, products or other available materials on these pages. will not be held responsible and will not be held liable to pay for any damages or loss caused or supposed to be caused by and in connection to the use and trust in information, content, goods or services from those pages.

The reproduction, copy, multiplication, selling, reselling or exploit of a part of the services, access or the use of services and information received from using the website in any way that might result in breaking the romanian or international law of royalties and intellectual property, attracts personal or legal liability for such actions. reserves the right to stop by any means necessary the contact and use of this site, and the right to ask the legal representatives to take action according to the law against the people involved if there is proof that the purpose of use is the distruction or corruption of the website, of its content or security or if there is an attempt to attack or discredit or its partners, products, services and employees.
Any litigation in connection to this website is governed by Romanian laws and shall be disputed in Romanian Law Courts.


Not allowed:

the copy, multiplication, delivery, archiving or kepping through any means necessary, including electronic, magnetic or computerised, of material and information from this website whithout prior approval from;

the attempt to modify, through any means necessary, the content of this website, to delete or modify the published materials and information whithout the written approval of;

the unauthorised attempt to scan or test the vulnerability of any system in the network or the access of any services and servers which are not for public use in the network;

the attempt to intervene in the functionality of the hosting servers or in the network through any means, including but not limited to “flooding” and “DOS”.

the use through the website of any published e-mail addresses in order to distribute them on mailing lists or use them for spammingor for any other purpose than sending personal justified e-mails, whithout written agreement from the owners of theese e-mail addresses.

the breach of any of theese rules comes with legal or civil responsibility. will verify all of those breaches, provind the authorities with proof in order to prevent or stop such actions.

4. AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE reserves the right to modify or interrupt, temporary or permanently, partially or totally the services of this website, with or without prior notice. is not responsible to modify, suspend or interrupt the services availble through the website for any third party civil, legal or company. can change at any time the content and terms of use of the website. The new terms and conditions become valid the moment they have been made public through the website and do not have retroactive character.


Accepting to use this website, you implicitly declare that you understand and agree with:

the use of the site is made under own responsibility. expressly absolvs itself from any and all responsibilities, expressed directly or indirectly, included but not limited to indirect sale warantees or according to the specifications for a certain purpose.

the user is the only person held liable for any destruction caused to the calculus system or to the network where he acceesses the website or for any lost data that could be the result of downloading information and services from the content of the website.

No advice or other oral or written information obtained from the website or through the services of the website constitutes warantee, unless it’s stipulated in TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR USE.

6.LIMITATION OF RESPONSIBILITY will not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental, special damages included, but not limited to damages for loss of profit, goodwill, possibilites of use, data or other intangible loses (even if was previously informed of the possibility of the apearance of such loses), resulting from:

the use or impossibility of use of information from the website;

the cost of aquirement of goods and services resulting from any goods, data, information or aquired / obtained services, received messages, transactionson/from the site

unauthorized access to transmission of data of the user

declarations or actions of any third party to the services of the website

any other problem tied to the services of the website

If it is considered that any material available on the website, posted by by third parties or users, violates copyright rights or any other rights, such situation should be reported to us using our contact form.

The website is offered under this shape whithout any other warantees. is not and cannot be held responsible for discrepancies, indisponibilities or any other flaws of this website and its content.


The personal information put at the disposal of in order to receive or use some services is protected under GDPR.

By completing the tabs from the online registry forms, the users agree that the personal data they register go into the database and that they will receive messages about the products and services, promotions, contests or any other editorial and marketing actions that and its partners will have in the future.

After completing the registry form, the user has at his disposal an account in order to use the services. The user is entirely responsible for keeping under confidentiality the password associated to the access to the services of conditioned by login.

The user is entirely responsible for all the information made public in his account. In case of unauthorised access of the account by third parties, will not be held responsible for any consequences that can appear.

Following the explicit requirement of the user sent at [email protected], must rectify, update, block, delete or transform the personal data of the user in anonymous data, for free, according to the GDPR about protection of people regarding personal data and free circulation of such data. is not responsible for any attack with the purpose of theft or vandalism that could lead to disclosure or compromise of the data. is not responsible for any situation in which the user reveals its address or any other personal data, from his own will, in a public message, on any of the pages

The website uses cookies to identify the users. Theese contain no personal data of the user, and present no risk in case they are seen by third parties. If the browser is set not to accept them, some pages may not work partially or totally.

The website may present ads and/or links to other pages of third parties, including those of partners, advertising providers or sponsors. The information provided to external pages is not under the control of and any posting of personal data on other internet pages is made under own risk.

The terms and conditions mentioned above are also applied to the newsletters, news, postcastings and any other electronic means of information emitted from . reserves the right to modify, revise and complete theese rules at any time. Any modification will be posted on this website and will be efective starting with the moment of the post.