Pajurei 3 Residence

Total plot is 7,794 m2

GBA 29,958 m2

163 luxurious apartments with sustainable design and technology

Convenient location near Jiului Metro Station in Bucurestii Noi

Construction is planned to start March 2023.

Pajurei 3 Residence

Pajurei 3 Residence is a home for residents that enjoy living a luxury lifestyle. There are 163 apartments, including beautiful duplex apartments, that are designed with energy-efficiency elements and technology driven features. Residents can enjoy life at ease with health at their fingertips from taking a mid-day swim during lunch break to walking the dog after family dinner.

Luxury living with spacious apartments, sustainable, healthy lifestyle, and safe community. 

  • 163 luxury apartment residential community in Sector 1, Bucurestii Noi, Bucharest (Bucurestii Noi).
  • Beautiful and sustainable apartments with plenty of storage space and top-notch common space interior design.
  • 3 Blocks (P+6 with duplex) and 2 Phases (Phase 1: Block A and Phase II: Block B1 and B2).
  • Amenities include gym, outdoor common area pool, BBQ area, two children’s playground, dog playground, games area, event room and a reading room.
  • Green spaces are within the project from terrace area to the ground level common area and even on the special getaway rooftop terrace.

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