Bucurestii Noi

52,200 m2 Land Plot in the Heart of Bucurestii Noi

Featuring an integrated project of 7 office buildings

Office Development GBA 197,000 m2

GBA 93,000 m2 to be developed by Skanska

GBA 104,000 m2 to be developed by InteRo

Bucurestii Noi

Located on the Jiului metro station, steps from parks and urban amenities, Bucurestii Noi offers an eco-friendly, tech-forward IT campus on 5 hectares of high-tech office space which will include continuous ultra-high-speed Wifi and state of the art office technology.

Working Smarter for You

Dedicated lounges and meeting spaces offer flexibility for workers, open 24/7 to allow business to carry on whenever needed.

Bucurestii Noi will come with advanced technology, to reflect its fast-paced, future forward workers with wireless charging stations, keyless entry and constant connectivity to ensure never-ending progress.

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