Management Team

Founder and CEO

Michael Topolinski III

With over 30 years of experience in real estate, development, and manufacturing, Michael moved to Romania in 2006 and purchased more than 800 apartments as well as the 52,000 m2 Dacia Textila platform on Bucurestii Noi. In 2012, Michael purchased the former Vulcan Platform of 78,000 m2 on Progresului Street and co-developed the Vulcan Value Retail Center. After selling his 50% of the Vulcan Value Retail Center in 2013, Michael purchased the former Aversa pump platform of 97,000 m2 on Ziduri Mosi, Obor.

In 2019 Michael launched InteRo with his three children, focusing on developing real estate projects with beautiful design and innovation. In December 2019, InteRo sold 26,000 m2 of the total 52,200 m2 Bucurestii Noi Land Plot to Skanska for €24 million and Michael is spearheading the development of the Bucurestii Noi and SkyLight Residence projects.

2020 ended well as InteRo purchased a 53,135 m2 Land Plot with equity.

In 2021, Michael intends to focus on preparations to start construction on existing large Plots and to acquire new opportunistic Projects.



Following graduation from Michigan State University with a sales-focused communications degree in 2015, Michael has consistently pursued excellency in his professional career.

Michael started his career being a top sales performer, setting numerous records at several corporations including Canon, Top Hat, and Blue Cat.

Michael then joined Supreme Level Media as a minority owner and VP of sales from 2018 – 2020.

He helped increase the turnover of the company by over four times during his span with the company.

Michael started working at InteRo in April 2019, in the role of Head of Sales, Marketing and Design Innovation for the InteRo portfolio of 170+ old market apartments, SkyLight Residence and Bucurestii Noi. In 2020, Michael moved into a Project Management role leading the development of the InteRo project, NorthLight Residence.

In addition to work within InteRo, Michael holds the role of Head of Sales for Topolinski family company, Naguma Medical Supplies SRL.



Since graduating Michigan State University in 2017, Tyler has earned valuable experience working within three high paced technology sales organizations in Toronto, Canada. He received several awards for his ability to consistently overachieve sales targets.

Tyler moved to Romania in October 2019, joining the family real estate business, Intero Property Development.

Tyler is the Director of Sales at Northlight Residence where he manages a team of in-house sales agents, oversees sales partnerships with external agencies as well as creates partnerships with third party vendors such as interior designers and property managers in order to add value to the project and its buyers.

Tyler manages the sale of our portfolio of 160 apartments throughout 6 complexes in Bucuresti. Despite a slowdown in Bucuresti real estate sales brought on by the Global Pandemic, in 2020 Tyler achieved his goal of 5,000,000 euros in sales within 98.5% of the budgeted price.

In addition, Tyler is Head of Logistics for Naguma Medical Supply. Tyler closely manages the entire transport of goods from our factory in China to our warehouse in Bucharest. Alongside our Naguma Management Team, Tyler successfully managed the delivery of 103 million medical PPE masks to 42 state medical locations throughout Romania for the Ministry of Health contract.



During Ashton’s time at Michigan State University, she excelled in two marketing internships. Ashton was a Digital Marketing Coordinator and she planned and managed corporate events for Google Canada, Nespresso, Vitamix and other corporations. The second internship Ashton became exposed to digital marketing and worked at the Marketing Department at Michigan State University interning as a Social Media Coordinator. Ashton learned how to Social Listen for all social media platforms and analyze insights on Google Analytics. Ashton discovered her passion for digital marketing over the course of her internships.

Since Ashton graduated from Michigan State University, she has worked at a top tier bank in Canada, Bank of Montreal, and Ashton worked as an Account Manager and Digital Marketing Specialist at a Digital Marketing Agency. Ashton gained corporate experience as she managed several digital campaigns for Bank Accounts and Credit Cards on and online banking. Campaign business goal was focused on acquisition and retention of banking customers while ensuring Customer Journey and User Experience are excellent. Ashton increased the launch of online banking digital campaign by around 45% over tQ3 and Q4 by solving prior project management issues and innovating and producing new solutions.

Ashton has always been a go-getter since an early age and continuously shows leadership in her work. Ashton joined the Family Business in November 2020 and from the moment she joined the Team, she took a self-starting leadership approach by getting her hands dirty and completing valuable work.

As a Digital Marketing Manager at InteRo Property Development, Ashton brings her digital marketing skillsets to the Team shown through strategy and execution. Over the last few months Ashton has been supporting NorthLight Residence marketing from a multi-channel perspective by working on website maintenance, creating digital marketing content, planning Winter Open House and supporting the launch of paid ads (Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads).

In addition to work within InteRo, Ashton holds the role of Sales & Digital Marketing Manager for Topolinski family company, Naguma Medical Supplies SRL. Ashton supports execution of European Union auctions and manages Naguma’s online brand through digital marketing. Ashton’s desire to give back places her well in the PR Spokesperson role as she leads communication with our PR partnership for both InteRo Property Development and Naguma Medical Supply SRL.

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