Civic Responsibility

Civic Responsibility is very important to Topolinski Family. As a Canadian Family that moved to Bucharest, Romania in 2007, giving back to the Romanian community has always been a family goal. 

Founder & CEO, Michael Topolinski III, has lived in Bucharest, Romania since 2007. In recent years, his three children Michael IV, Tyler and Ashton moved back to Bucharest after finishing studies in Canada and in the United States. All three children are working in the family business and are Partners with their father. 

The entire family has the passion to be active participants in the Romanian community. Donations (Naguma Medical Supply SRL) and community work are the two ways Topolinski family is playing an active role.

Topolinski Family has donated a total of 1.845.500 face masks produced by Naguma.

1.600.000 face masks were donated to NGO’s including 1.200.000 masks to United Way Romania, 200.000 masks to Hope of Hospice and 200.000 masks to Salvati Copiii România.

245.500 face masks were donated to the community. Topolinski Family has also donated 200.000 masks to Sector 2, and out of that amount, 150.000 was donated for Social Insurance & Child Protection Agency, and 50.000 was donated to Protoieria Sector 2, a Romanian Orthodox Church. Between Asociația Polițiștilor de Investigații Criminale, three villages outside Bucharest (Caldararu, Ciorogarla and Darvari), the Jewish Community and Compania Nationala Aeroporturi Bucuresti, another total of 45.500 masks were donated.

Additionally, Topolinski Family has donated 310.000 RON to non-profit organizations. 210.000 RON was donated to Kola Kariola Association. The donation bought the clinic a sterilization center & sterilization equipment. Also, the family’s donation supported Kola Kariola animal sanctuary, called Papi Land, and Kola Kariola animal shelter caring for over 500 animals. 


100.000 RON was donated to Dăruiește Viață. This is a non-profit organization that supports people who are fighting cancer.

In 2021, Topolinski Family decided to impact the Romanian Community on a personal level by joining NGO’s with the mission to improve quality of life in Romanian community through volunteerism, philanthropic activities, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Furthermore, it is Topolinski Family mission to participate in these organizations with the hope to help enhance Romanians lives one act at a time. 

The future is bright in Romania and Michael III, Michael IV, Tyler and Ashton are excited to continue to be active members in society. Topolinski Family is proud to continue to contribute to the vitality of Romania and unite with the people of Romania.