Total Office Gross
Built Area


Total Gross
Built Area

Our projects are based on innovative concepts and effortless design. By revitalizing neighborhoods and improving the quality of life, we create a harmonious state of well-being for the entire community.

FEATURED projects

A plot of 13,000 m2, in the Northeast of Bucharest
Residential complex that refines urban life

A gross built area of 12,584 m2

5 low-rise buildings, lake view, 110 beautiful apartments and common area to enjoy pool (320 m2) and park areas (650 m2)

A plot of 3,322 m2 of land in the Southeast of Bucharest
Comfortable and affordable residential block

A gross built area of 25,210 m2

One residential building with two blocks, 280 apartments with new finishes, safe neighborhood with playgrounds and a dog park

A plot of 95,000 m2 in the central Obor district
Mixed-use project integrating residential, office and commercial/retail spaces
A gross built area of 370,000 m2:
– 100,000 m2 of office space
– 270,000 m2 of residential
Retail by LIDL


A plot of 52,200 m2, in the heart of the New Bucharest neighbourhood
This project features 7 integrated office buildings

A gross built area of 197,000 m2:
– 93,000 m2 GBA offices to be developed by Skanska
– 104,000 m2 GBA offices to be developed by InteRo

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